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Robert Goodman, author and creator of The Good-Man Methodology for Efficient Love, has invested a dozen years extensively researching the important, moving parts of love and relationships and has successfully deciphered the essence of what is genuinely required for Happily Ever After.

Tapping the cumulative experiences he gained from his MBA, his management consulting background as a professional “dragon slayer” and CEO coach along with his 25 years serving as the CEO of multiple companies, he has analyzed dating and romantic relationships from an innovative and unique perspective to improve both the efficiency of the Quest and the probability of lasting success.

Robert has combined these skill sets with the additional, substantive experiences and insights he gained during 12 years with his own “Novelist Seeks Heroine” website at www. NovelistSeeksHeroine.com. 

With this site’s two million-plus readers, the more than 10,000 Heroine “applications” for his own Quest he received as a result of his website and his interviews with tens of thousands of men and women about their relationships, he formed and refined what has now become The Good-Man Methodology for Efficient Love.

His Quest for his own perfect-for-him Heroine was successful, beyond all expectations, when he and his wife, Janet, found each other by exactly using The Method described in his book, Efficient Love

Robert and Janet share their path of Happily Here & Now that leads to their Happily Ever After at their two homes: one on the island of Sand Key in Clearwater Beach, Florida overlooking wonderful sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico and the other on a mountaintop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with magnificent vistas of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.


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